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     I wanted to hire a house cleaning service so that my wife and I would have more time to spend with the family instead of spending all of our weekends and free time keeping up with the household chores. Bloomsbury Cleaners have given me everything I wanted and more. The cleaners are so lovely and they do way more than necessary. They are excellent at what they do, and our house looks much cleaner than it ever has before. I will definitely be recommending this company to my friends and family.
Darren Charles 10/02/2016
     I was over the moon with Cleaners Bloomsbury as they managed to do an end of tenancy clean at really short notice. I was moving out of my rental house, and wanted help to clean up the place after taking out all of my belongings. The cleaners came well equipped and began the big clean up. They dusted, washed and mopped until the whole place was squeaky clean. Great work and a good cost too. I would certainly tell anyone to hire this company if you need some help with cleaning when moving as it is a big job and hiring help can save you a lot of hassle and time.
Rita Watts13/01/2016
     I used to dream of my flat looking beautiful and pristine. Everything ended up all over the place after my family came to stay and I felt too overwhelmed and tired to be able to cope. Fortunately, I came across Bloomsbury Cleaners and they were able to do up my place as though it came out of a magazine. I am so happy!
     When I first looked into hiring a cleaning company Bloomsbury Cleaners were a name that came up regularly and I saw they had some very good reviews. I can now see why they are so highly rated. Their cleaners work very hard and are very professional in the way that they deal with customers. The work they do is of a very high standard and the effort they make to meet expectations goes beyond many other cleaning providers I have come across. I am very pleased with everything they have done for me and would recommend that others use them.
     I do take great care when it comes to house cleaning and I like to think in general I do manage to keep my home in a quite hygienic way. However, last week I decided it may be worth hiring a cleaner because I wanted my house to look at its best because of visitors coming around. I'm so glad I did and that I chose Bloomsbury Cleaners because the cleaner who came round was wonderful and if I'm being truthful she even did a better job than I can. It was just what I was looking for and I'd like to say a big thanks to the company for that and also for the affordable price I paid which was a bonus.
Brenda H.13/08/2014
     I wanted to surprise my wife with a clean home as she had been overseas with work. I was given the contact details of a cleaning company by my mate, who had done a similar thing for his wife. Bloomsbury Cleaners were brilliant, they arranged a date and came out on time to my home. We went over the service I wanted and then got on with the work. It all went so well, the cleaners were very thorough and paid attention to every detail. The house looked sparkling clean and smelt fresh. My wife was really pleased on her return.
Charlie Pastor24/07/2014
     When I moved house I needed a new window cleaner but I didn't want one that was going to be too expensive for my modest budget. I hired Bloomsbury Cleaners's window cleaning service and decided to write a review as I was really very impressed with both the cleaners and the quality of the service itself. My windows were thoroughly cleaned without leaving any smears or marks and even in the brightest lights you can see how flawlessly and professionally they've been cleaned. This is a great service that's fantastic value for money and I couldn't be happier with the staff and the job they do!
Lizzie Simpson08/07/2014
     I am a carpenter by trade and I work for a local but very popular construction company. My boss was having problems with the current company that he employs to do the cleaning when each property is completed. He took the decision of finding another business to employ. That's when we were introduced to Bloomsbury Cleaners, a local cleaning company who specialise in empty new built properties. I have to praise these hard working professionals for their dedication to the task. They charge a very small fee for what is a commercial cleaning job. Their employees are all very friendly and easy to get on with.
Bob Henson12/06/2014
     I was so pleased with the recent house cleaning service I have just had done by the team from Bloomsbury Cleaners. I was fed up of weekends being taken up cleaning so decided to hire some professional assistance. This company was brilliant to deal with from start to finish. I booked a date for a general house clean and was given a price, which I was satisfied with. The cleaners came on time with a lot of supplies and tools, to start the job. I booked a general clean to cover dusting, polishing, mopping and vacuuming. The cleaners were a friendly pair and did a competent job.
     Thanks so much to all at Bloomsbury Cleaners who have been doing such a sterling job for our family recently! We have had them round every other week for the last few months, and their help has been invaluable in my being able to spend more time with my children. I am not the sort who usually writes reviews, but the team are lovely, and deserve to be recommended to people! To all out there looking for an excellent cleaning team, get in touch right away, these guys are the best!
Louis L.14/05/2014
     Having had a couple of cleaners in the past, I am happy to say that I recently found Bloomsbury Cleaners. They really have revolutionized the way that I look at the cleaning, and I am sure that there is nothing more that I could do to beat their excellent service, and great value for money. If anyone out there is like me and looking a for a cleaning service that will be able to give them the best job for the best price, then you have found it in this lot! Wonderful people, and excellent value.
Debbie McGuire29/04/2014
     I love my cleaner! I need to be in a very clean environment and it is my number one pet peeve if somebody's house is dirty, messy or smelly. But now I'm living away from home and I have two jobs, I had to spend all of my free time cleaning!! It was a nightmare. I've already seen the difference now I can walk in to a clean house, and I love talking to my cleaner about which fragrances to use I am really sad like that! Bloomsbury Cleaners just great and I think everybody needs a cleaner like mine and then they'd have free time to have fun!
Lauren Jones08/04/2014
     If you are looking for a company to get those nasty stains out of your carpet, then this is the company for you. After realising how dirty my cream carpet actually was, I hired Bloomsbury Cleaners to come and clean my carpets. They got the carpet looking, smelling and feeling great in a matter of hours and they hey even managed to get rid of the stains that were caused by God knows what all those years ago! I would recommend these cleaners to everyone and I now call them every year to clean each and every carpet in my home.
Ellie J.27/03/2014
     I've had a great experience so far with Bloomsbury Cleaners. They did my end of tenancy cleaning for me at the last flat, so I called them up to do an initial clean at the new place because we'd made a right mess with the unpacking! They were prompt, well priced and excellent at what they do, so I have no complaints! You should certainly give them a call if you are after decent service for decent money!
Clifton Stokes05/03/2014
     Saving money on your home cleaning is easy when you use Bloomsbury Cleaners. I needed a thorough home cleaning and called this company after hearing great reviews from a neighbour. I needed a thorough service and they were able to provide a quick service at an affordable price. If you are looking for reliable and sufficient home cleaning, then contact Bloomsbury Cleaners today to learn more about their service options. I was impressed with how quickly they got to work and the top notch service they provided. All the staff were friendly and gave me great advice about how to remove daily dirt.
Nicholas W.18/02/2014